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Iran Transaction Exhibition

About the Organizer

FABA Center (which is a center for the promotion and education of e-banking) was established in 2007 through the collaboration of the Central Bank of Iran, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, and boards of directors of Iranian banks.
Our center is concentrated on the promotion and education of new financial technologies and banking industries.  FABA Center has focused its endeavors on the following four areas:
Production of scientific content and transfer of technical knowledge: FABA Center has been involved in organizing scientific workgroups, panel discussions, and publication of books and articles about modern payment and banking technologies.  This center is publishing the Sekkeh Weekly, Electronic Banking Monthly, and Iran Transaction Quarterly. For instance, we have so far published 87 issues of the Electronic Banking Monthly with the circulation of 10,000 copies.
Skill-enhancement training: These trainings are scientific and practical trainings about effective payment and banking technologies. The FABA Center has so far provided thousands of hours of technical courses for managers and experts of banks and payment companies. The attendees have also received certificates after the conclusion of their training courses.
Research and Innovation: The FABA Center, in order to facilitate the interaction between startup/knowledge-based companies and the management body of the financial and banking industries, has established an affiliated center called FABATECH. The FABATECH is taking advantage of ideas, solutions, and products of startup companies. More than 70 active startup companies work with FABATECH. They have weekly programs at FABA Center. The FABATECH also shoulders the responsibility of organizing the Big Fintech Festival of Iran in each November in the sidelines of the Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE).
Features of the ITE include:
ITE Strategy: The transformation of Iran into the centerpiece of financial and banking technology in the Middle East.
ITE Approach: Developing private entrepreneurship in the field of new technologies in financial and banking Industries.
Subject: The topics discussed in this event are about the "Banking and Digital Ecosystem" in which 70 lecturers from domestic and foreign specialists deliver their speeches at each event, and over 100 banks and domestic and foreign companies set up their booths and present their products and solutions.

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