A look at FABA holding activities

A look at FABA holding activities
During its twelfth year, FABA center has become a holding which is active in various fields; from the publication of specialized publications and specialized books to the provision of short-term skills and practical training.

The news agency of the Center has bird’s eye view on activities of FABA and its subsidiary companies. 
1- Publishing specialized publications and books
The FABA Center focuses on producing new knowledge technology content and publishing specialized publications and books in the field of banking, payment and financial technologies. The publication of the Sekkeh Weekly (Banking, Insurance, and Stock Market), the Transaction Quarterly of Iran (Introducing Financial Transaction Activists), and the Electronic Banking Monthly (11-Year experience and publication of 92 edition by Autumn 2017) are activities of the Center in this area.
       2- FABA News     
FABA News is considered as the news-analytical site of the financial, banking and payment technology industries, among other activities of the center in the field of media. This site provides online information on news and accomplishments related to new technologies in the field of financial and banking industry and their dissemination on social networks.
FABA News is the platform for businesses and technologies that runs in both Farsi and English languages.
      3. FABA Technologists Training Institution
FABA Technologists Training Institution, with its 11-year experience, is dedicated to providing skilled and practical training to executives in short run for officials and the body of the banking and payment industry.
The Institute offers its training in the form of short courses, specialized seminars, consensus meetings in product showcase workshops and services for businesses.
At FABA Center’s history, more than 140,000 training hours are seen until autumn.
        4. FABA Media
This section is dedicated to the production of multimedia products, including films, clip and graphics and products and services of emerging technologies.
FABA Media is working to provide more businesses in this field, especially on social networks.
        5. FABA Tech
FABA Tech has been formed as the Center of Iran Fintech, with the aim of introducing innovative ideas and Startup companies as well as supporting them.
Providing coherence and co-operation, establishing a framework for cooperation between Fintechs, banks and payment companies, establishing legal entities for the support of Startups, forming a systematic link with relevant institutions and authorities, and communicating with other countries' Startups, including those that are on the agenda of FABA Tech.
         6. Tarakonesh Gostare Kahavaremianeh
The Tarakonesh Gostare Kahavaremianeh is in charge of holding Transaction Exhibition in Iran and other countries. It also manages the FABA offices in different countries.
The FABA Center was founded in 2007 with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the Central Bank and the Board of Directors of Public and Private Banks, and now it has started its twelfth year with the slogan "In pace with today, Keeping company with tomorrow " .


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