FABA Center; in pace with today, keeping company with tomorrow

FABA Center; in pace with today, keeping company with tomorrow
The core of what is called FABA Holding, was formed 12 years ago with the formation of the Electronic Banking Board.

According to the FABA Center news agency, the council, with the presence of senior officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the Central Bank and private and public banks, set up nine specialized working groups, each of them completing a piece of the e-banking development puzzle.
One of them was the "Culture and Education" working group, which focused on reviewing the issues of human capital, training employees and customers of the banking system, publishing ideas and familiarizing the community with modern banking. After a while, the team became a center for the development of the education and e-banking of the country's banking network (FABA).
Nowadays, duties such as promoting e-banking, holding meetings of symposia, discussing the challenges of the banking network, monitoring technology, informing about the news and activities in this area, providing training courses, holding specialized exhibitions and seminars, implementing educational tours abroad, interaction with the scientific centers, cooperation with organizations, consulting the media, banks and companies and the publication of specialized magazines, including the missions of the center.
Also, with the help of FABA and partnership with PSPs, Cooperative Joint Payment Companies, was established between the years 2010 until the establishment of Shaprak, FABA was responsible for the secretariat for about two years. The center has also held numerous seminars and meetings in the field of payment.
FABA is now active in various areas, including: production of technical knowledge content, technology transfer to the banking and payment industry, training and practical training courses, holding specialized seminars, introducing top ideas, introducing Startup companies and facilitating innovation, holding Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE), as well as Fintech Festivals, Everlasting Names and Smart City, and the publication of the Specialized Banking Electronic Banking Journal and Transaction Quarterly.
In this regard, the holding of four successful rounds of the Iran Transaction Exhibition, the publication of 92 editions of the Electronic Banking Journal until the end of fall season in 2018, and the provision of more than 140,000 hours of training to the same time period, are among the actions that are seen in the work of the FABA Center.
The FABA Center, in pace with today, keeping company with tomorrow, stepped up in the twelfth year of its activities. Now, wait for more upcoming services of the Center.


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