Introduction of Innovative Ideas and Supporting Startup Companies at Fabatech

Introduction of Innovative Ideas and Supporting Startup Companies at Fabatech
FABA Holding has been specializing in the creation of FABATECH as the "Fintech Center" of Iran for two years, introducing innovative ideas and startup companies, as well as supporting them.

According to the news agency of the center, the Fintech Center of Iran is responsible for facilitating and supporting the Startup companies in terms of Fintech.
Providing coherence and co-operation, establishing a framework for cooperation between Fintechs, banks and payment companies, establishing legal entities for the defense of Startups, formulating systematic links with relevant institutions and authorities, and interacting with the Startups of other countries, are among agendas of FABATECH.
FABATECH; a venue to connect Fintechs, financial, banking and payment industries.
The formation of FABATECH is an effective step towards convergence between the Startup and Fintech activists of Iran, and the establishment of a link between them and the financial, banking and payment industries.
The entity is committed to facilitating the realization of new ideas and providing services to young people and Startup companies. FABATECH is trying to get to know the Startup ecosystems of the country better, including Fintech, Accelerators, Venture Capitalists, and the owners of the financial and banking industries, as well as providing a boost to the new business.
Now more than 70 Startup companies have been working with FABATECH and their international connections are expanding.
Holding Specialized Panel Discussions
FABATECH, in order to reach its objectives, is organizing various events, including specialized panel discussions with the presence of Fintech activists, analyzing ideas and introduction of new Startups, hosting Startup events and convening meetings with ecosystem participants.
One of the most important agenda that the FABATECH has done so far, was holding two rounds of the "Great Festival Iran Fintech." These events were held on the sidelines of the third and fourth Iran Transaction Exhibition.
The festival will provide top banking and financial Startups with the opportunity to communicate with financial, banking and payment industry activists.
The "Smart City Startup Festival" was another program of the FABA Center and FABATECH on the sidelines of the fourth Iran Transaction Exhibition. The festival was dedicated to introducing the latest achievements of the elite in this field and provided the opportunity to communicate between the Startups of the smart city and metropolitan municipalities.
One of the other programs of the Fintech Center is holding periodic meetings of my story. The event will be attended by experts and will be discussed. The Startup Company then goes on to outline how to formulate ideas and describe their failures and prosperity.
A Venue to the Presence of the Fintech Ecosystems
FABATECH has a specific structure in order to reach its goals better. Policy and planning councils and specialized, legal and multimedia committees form the structure. FABATECH also accepts genuine and legal members.
The teams that have just begun their activity can be volunteer to review the meeting. It is also possible to host Startup meetings, with prior coordination and at least one week before the meeting.
Enthusiasts can contribute to the production of content for various media of the Center of Iran Fintech. The specialized committees are formed by the presence of Startup representatives and qualified experts.
The FABA and FABATECH centers are working to provide their facilities and services to the various sides of the country's Fintech ecosystem. Accordingly, everyone interested in the development of Startup activities, as well as Venture Capital and investment accelerating centers, can be active members of the center


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